Doug and Terri Strecker look forward to serving you.

Creating a Legacy

Your Strecker Home is finely designed and crafted to be a sanctuary to share with family and friends, for generations to come.

Your home lives in your imagination.

You will discover a Strecker Home is surrounded by beauty and comfort with rich custom cabinetry, a warm spacious kitchen, exceptional hearth and gathering rooms focused on dramatic views. Your Strecker Home will be a place where you can relax, entertain with special people or enjoy quiet solitude. We have the experience to bring your vision to life and our passion for quality will make it a home unlike any other.

As owner, I have hand-selected our team of professional craftsmen and will personally oversee every step of the creation of your home. We will meet together with the architect and listen to you describe your vision. We will consider your photos, sketches and special details to be included in this completely custom home - making it uniquely yours. We will discuss your property or desired location, architectural style preferences, number of rooms and budget. I am your partner in this process, making certain we create a home you will cherish for years to come.

At Strecker Homes, we strive to bring you peace of mind, based on quality choices and attention to detail. Through thoughtful design, exceptional materials and craftsmanship your new Strecker Home will stand the test
of time.

I look forward to meeting you soon and hearing about your dream home,

Doug Strecker / Owner


About Strecker Homes

Above and beyond the average builder, Doug and the team at Strecker Homes strives to give homeowners the home of their dreams. This starts with listening to each client and building a home she or he desires—without forcing anyone into pre-set designs and styles. Giving you choices and not compromises—that's the philosophy of Strecker Homes. With us, your desires become an integral part of the experience.

This unique approach to home construction started in 1996 when Doug Strecker started his business in central Washington. Shortly after in 2000, he relocated and began addressing the needs of Colorado communities by offering custom home designs.

All of our homes are constructed magnificently by hand-selected professional craftsmen. Our homes are in highly popular communities that are close to ski resorts and other area attractions. Plus, we do our own warranty work, so you can rest assured that the team you got to know while building your home is the same team offering support and service long after you've settled into your new home.

Each home we've built is a testament to our eagerness and dedication to creating a home that has one ultimate goal--being your dream home. We will happily merge our experience and expertise together with your personal taste and desires to build a home that reflects your personality and style. Visit our Gallery and see for yourself.

With Strecker Homes, you have choices. With us, you get style, greater quality and the assurance of premium materials, service and support--combined to give you the ultimate home-buying experience. Isn't it time you held the keys to your dream home? We think so.


About the Builder

Doug Strecker is the owner of Strecker Homes. He and his lovely wife, Terri Strecker, just celebrated their 43th wedding anniversary. They have 4 kids, 8 grand kids, and love spending time with all of them on the weekend.



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