“If your goal is to have the house of your dreams designed and built, Doug Strecker is the customer builder you want to use. Doug’s experience in working with skilled architects and seasoned craftsmen has given him an eye for detail and the ability to create unique and beautiful homes which match the exact desire of his clients.
In addition to the aesthetically pleasing building outcome, a Strecker custom home is fundamentally sound structurally. Doug has sound working relationships with experienced tradesmen who have the talent and capability of translating complex custom plans into the ideal finished house.
We have been living in our Strecker custom home for a year now and we are very pleased with our home. “
Build with the best,
-- Michael and Tami Jordan

“When you are contemplating a custom-built home, it is a huge investment of emotion, time, and money. There are so many questions that need to be answered! When anything can happen during construction you need a person of Doug Strecker’s character to answer and oversee a best of class team of subcontractors to make your dreams become a reality. Doug is skilled and honest. We imaged our dream home and Doug built a home that exceeded our lofty goals. From finishes to energy efficiency Doug made it happen.”
Thanks Doug!
-- Dr. Bill and Karen Moreau

"Doug Strecker with Strecker Homes was a complete joy to work with. His team had such an attention to detail, and came to the table with even a greater creative vision for our home than we originally had. When our home was finished (and quicker than expected), it completely blew us away. There is not a single guest who does not feel the warmth and who does not respond with a jaw dropping, "WOW!" Thank you Doug for building us such a beautiful home."
-- Dr. Kirk and JoLayne Elliott

"As the developer of the Walden Preserve Neighborhood, I have had the opportunity to work with many builders over the years. What impresses me the most about Doug is: his ability to deliver a high quality home at an excellent price, providing immediate equity to the buyer. If I were looking for a builder to build my own home, I would choose Doug."
-- Matt Dunston, Developer: Walden Preserve

"It's take a house to make home. Doug Strecker helped us build our dream house that has become home. We had many custom features that required endless hours of detail by Doug and his team. They were up to the challenge. Building a custom home can be one of most wonderful and difficult seasons in a family's life. Doug helped manage expectations, meet deadlines, and all with financial integrity. Anyone considering building a custom: I would highly recommend Strecker Homes. They are the best in the business."
-- Russell V

"When you're building a home by long distance you need to work with people you trust and who deliver on their commitments. While we did have family here sending us pictures of the progress, there were regular communications and updates with progress reports. We can strongly recommend Strecker Homes for their quality, cost management and creative solutions to challenges faced along the way. We've now been in our home for over two years and continue to showcase our home to friends and those planning to build their own custom home. Our home is a great example of the quality Rampart is able to deliver."
-- Bill and Judy R

"Doug and his team tackled a difficult challenge we had with a dramatically sloped lot. Even though other builders said it couldn't be done, Strecker Homes solved the engineering and architectural issues and made our dream a reality. Doug is a pleasure to work with and his wisdom and experience set him apart from the crowd."
-- Andrew and Darci M

"Building with Doug was a positive experience for us because he was consistently open to new ideas and dedicated to making things work for everyone involved. He also gave us a great deal of latitude in selecting options for our home. Therefore, our building process reflected Doug's commitment to collaboration and client satisfaction. As for the end result, we are delighted with our new home, and we truly appreciated Doug's willingness to work with us every step of the way."
-- Strecker Homes fans since 2006

"The experience of building a home can be overwhelming, but working with Doug made each step very manageable and enjoyable. His professionalism and ability to maintain our budget helped to keep any stress to a minimum. Our home is exactly what we had envisioned, and the quality craftsmanship is exceptional. It was absolutely the best decision to work with Rampart Custom Homes."
-- Jane Thompson Ellsworth

Helping Clients Heal After Waldo Canyon Fire

On June 26, 2012, the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed our home in Mountain Shadows. We were heartbroken because we had lost everything. Shortly afterwards, we began the proactive and often arduous task of interviewing numerous home builders in Colorado Springs. We exercised due diligence and talked extensively to both production and custom builders about the process of building our new home on the same lot. The process was daunting at first, yet we grew increasingly comfortable as we gained insight as to what details were involved. After a few busy weeks, we unhesitatingly and unequivocally selected Mr. Doug Strecker of Strecker Homes to build our new home. Doug’s reputation in the industry of building quality homes as well as his honesty and trustworthiness were important criteria in our selection.

Our first meeting with Doug was thorough, VERY educational, and especially comforting. He came to the meeting as our advocate, prepared with blueprints and other documentation related to our previous home, knowing that we had NO EXPERIENCE in the rebuilding process. In retrospect, our initial meeting with Doug served as an apt starting point in our long-term relationship. NO OTHER BUILDER had done for us in our initial meetings what Doug had done. This key point proved to be THE key differentiator in our selecting Strecker Homes to build our new home. We knew then that Doug would be and remain our unwavering advocate.

On November 8, 2012, Doug began construction and on March 8, 2013, we moved into our new home. In four short months, which Doug had estimated the length of the building process to be, we moved into our dream house. During the construction period, Doug maintained open and continuous communications with us that included fun visits to design centers (i.e., to select appliances, cabinetry, tile, lighting, etc.), progress reports, and comprehensive reviews wherein we were tasked to make decisions (i.e., where to place electrical outlets and light switches). Doug’s counsel and patience proved invaluable to us during the planning and building phases, as we had no experience on which to draw.

In summary, we considered many builders to rebuild for us after losing our home in the Waldo Canyon fire. Doug came to us highly recommended and was a blessing to us from the moment we met him. He was patient, thorough, and very considerate of our situation. We trusted him completely and are extremely happy with our new home, which he finished in exactly the time frame promised! Thank you, Doug Strecker of Strecker Homes, for building our beautiful new home and helping us heal!

-- Warren & Lisa

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